At a Snail's Pace

Have you ever wanted time to speed up only to find it doing the opposite? Like when you really need to get to work or class, but traffic is horrible and time just seems to drag on, while at the same time passing normally? Or when you just want to go home and unload the groceries so that you can sit on the couch and veg out, but you’re stuck in the checkout line? Well, today, right now that’s me.

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Strike a Pose

Todays the last day of our annual family reunion weekend. Everyone comes; Aunt Janey and Uncle Bob from Fairhope, Alabama; Cousins Willa and Geena from San Fran; the Grans from Long Boat Key; etc. All 75+ of us spend time catching up, barbuquein’ and pot luckin’, football at the park and ice cream at the beach. But my favorite moment of all is this moment right here. The Picture moment.

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Some people call me master. Truth is, I’m still a student. I’m no guru, no leader, no expert. Except of course on the subject of I. Most of my life has been a journey filled with discoveries about I. And the only thing that truly makes me special is that I have payed attention to the lessons I have been taught about I.

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Frozen & Blanket

I feel frozen by those icy blue eyes. My limbs have all gone cold and I’m encased in a iceberg named Fear floating in a silent ocean named Shock.

“Lina?” someone’s calling for me but my lips are sealed shut, never to open again.

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Mariah RenaeComment
Pink Tutu

I’m at the park sitting on a bench next to the playground watching Kisa, my little sister, having fun with the other kids. After punching the daylights out of Patrick Steelston, our history teacher, Mr. Berk, dragged me to the principal’s office – where I was soundly reprimanded and suspended for a week.

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What a Jerk

I’ve been pacing in front of Lina’s locker since I arrived at school, waiting for her to finally get here. What’s taking her so long?! She didn’t text me all weekend and I’m worried about her. I lean against her locker and sigh as I start at the mingling crowd of high schoolers. A couple of girls walk by giggling and I roll my eyes. Girls.

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