Dancing with Stars and the Boy that is You

You wait. In the trees, on mossy rocks, by the river. For a child to follow your music. You play your voice. Ethereal melodies dance with the breeze, streaming through the windows of the little boys’ and girls’ rooms. You want them to be happy, safe, loved. Your song promises all. Not that they understand.

 Your language lilts through the stars, tugging at sleeves and hair. You dance through the trees in anticipation of the night to begin, Glitter weaving around you and your kin as you spin and whirl. You can only imagine how the children feel when they see you. Bearskined and free. 

A little boy stumbles through the trees. Glitter reflects in his eyes like stars on water, shivering with the joy of life. You beckon him to you. Smile, you think to yourself. He takes your hands and you twirl him amongst the others. The stars in his eyes swirl with you.

Wonder dresses his face and he laughs with dizzy rapture. You dance with him all night, passing him from hand to hand. The voice of the river sings for him and you join in the chorus of a sweeter hymn. The music rushes through you to the boy, he closes his eyes in pleasure. Hands tug at your clothes, his too. You dance to the riverbed, the water singing his name. 

Your feet splash and splitter. Glitter reflects in the water and the droplets turn to stars before bursting to their beginning. You love this boy. The way he clumsily skips and spirals as if intoxicated on life. All you want is to keep him. He is your child, you’re kin. He is you and you are him.

You dance into the water together, deeper, deeper, deeper into the depths of love and protection the river offers. You kiss him on the forehe­ad your wings unfurling in joy. You all join hands, your collective wings billowing in a great circle around the sleeping, sinking boy. He looks so peaceful. A dusting of rainbows and light dances from your wings as you begin a new song, singing with the stars for the boy that is you.