They are My Teachers

Meet Simple. He is quiet and always reassuring; like a cozy blanket. He is straightforward, and unassuming. He is clear and honest. He is that best friend that always knows the solution. He listens to all of my troubles, he is my confidant. When I fall he is always there, a gentle hand on my back. Sometimes he tries to save me from myself, to catch me as I fall, no matter how futile he knows it is. He is precise, everything just right. When he explains things, life seems easier. One step at a time, he tells me. No need to rush.

Simple invites me to listen to the world go by, to take a break. He encourages me to soak up the sun’s warmth, to just breathe. Life with Simple is easy. With him I feel safe. But most importantly, Simple gives me space to understand Complicated. And when I’m ready, he always has solutions. For that, I love Simple.

Meet Complicated. She is a mess. She’s like a storm. She is loud and harsh; like that drill sergeant gym teacher from high school, but not nearly as on top of everything. She’s out of hand and all over the place. She sends my thoughts reeling and makes everything seem difficult and complex. But at the end of the day she really means well. Tough love is her motto and she’s always throwing me curve balls. Even though she doesn’t say it very often, I know that she believes I’m strong. I believe this is one of the reasons she purposely makes my life chaotic. Often, she shakes up my life and then stands aside with Simple, as the seas of life get rocky, just to see if I can overcome the struggles she’s brought me.

More often then I like to admit, I ignore Simple and pay way to much attention to Complicated. She wraps me up in a web I know is to Complicated to escape. I struggle and worry and stain against it, of ten only managing to wrap myself up tighter. And on the sidelines Simple stands. He knows he must wait patiently as I fret over whatever dilemma Complicated had tangled me up in. He waits until I’m done struggling, too exhausted to try anymore, and then he shows me the solutions. Only when I am ready does he reveal his secrets. Sometimes I remember this and I decide to let go and give up the struggle early on, but most often I forget and he waits patiently.

These two are always with me. They bicker like a pair of old aunties and yet their unwavering belief that I can handle myself is my strength. They are my pillars, always supporting me in their own way; always picking me back up and dusting my off; always teaching me to navigate the rough and tumble terrain that we call life.

They are my teachers.