What a Jerk

Previous parts to this story:

Part 1: You Knew?! 

Part 2: No I Won't

I’ve been pacing in front of Lina’s locker since I arrived at school, waiting for her to finally get here. What’s taking her so long?! She didn’t text me all weekend and I’m worried about her. I lean against her locker and sigh as I start at the mingling crowd of high schoolers. A couple of girls walk by giggling and I roll my eyes. Girls.

“Ehem,” someone clears their throat next to me and I glare at them to move on. That is until I realize it’s Lina.

“Oh! Lina… can we talk?” I ask tentatively.

“Ok,” she says give me that what? look. A few seconds of silence stretches between us before she rolls her eyes and waves me off. “If you’re not going to talk then can you at least move? I’ve kinda gotta get into my locker before the bell rings.”

“Oh,” I jump out of her way hastily and cringe at my sudden lack of vocabulary. Smooth man, smooth. Got I’m such an idiot. “Umm, so…” I start and then trail off. She peers from around her locker door with one eyebrow raised before returning to repack her bag. “Right,” I mutter under my breath, “we’re ok, right?” I ask sheepishly.

“Yeah about that,” she begins but I don’t let her finish. I can’t let her finish.

“Im really sorry,” I blurt. “I should never have kept… that… from you.” She gives her signature oh really, I hadn’t noticed look as she shuts her locker, slinging her newly packed bag over her shoulder.

“And?” she asks, expectantly crossing her arms.

“And it was a jerk move. You derived to know and I was a jerk from keeping it from you. But I was only doing it because I care,” I slip the last part in as her opens her mouth to reply, earning me a glare.

“Yes, you were a jerk.”

I cringe. This is it. The end.

“A really big jerk.”

Does she really have to twist the knife like that?


I close my eyes and wait for the final blow.

“I forgive you.”

What? My eyes fly open to find her amber ones laughing up at me. A grin breaks across my face and I scoop her up for a hug. She laughs as I spin her around, almost knocking over a few passersby in the process.

“Thank you!”

“But,” she says, giving me a pointed look as a set her down, “don’t keep things like this from me again. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am!” I salute. She punches me in the arm good naturedly as the first bells rings.

“Ow!” I rub it.

“That so didn’t hurt.”

I scoff in mock indignation before grinning again.

“Let’s go…” she trails off as her eyes land on something over my shoulder.

“What?” I ask as I turn.

“Hey,” a blonde blue eyed guys says, eyes on Lina. The blonde blue eyed prick I swore I’d kill in I ever saw again.