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Part 1: You Knew?! 

Part 2: No I Won't

Part 3: What a Jerk

I feel my muscles stiffen and lock as my eyes lock with an icy blue pair.

"Hey," he says, fake regret lacing his single word – because he can’t seriously be regretting what he did. If he regrets it then why’d he do it?

I didn’t think I’d run into him so early in the morning. I thought I had a few hours at least, maybe a few days. My ribs morph into a cage again and start slowly constricting as my heart and lungs try to escape. I try to take deep breaths as Jen told me but it’s not working. How could I have thought that a few deep breaths and walking away would work – or even be possible. I can’t move, my eyes still trapped by his gaze. I’m starting to hyperventilate and I can’t stop it. Then the back of a shaggy brown head is blocking my view and suddenly my muscles unlock and my knees give way as I clutch at my chest, dragging precious oxygen in. Wills arm is cocked and he swings. The sound of bone crunching is audible as the full force of his fist slams into nose. Then I’m scrambling to my feet, running as fast as I can as the thuds of Will’s knuckles meeting flesh and the screams and shouts students and teachers echo through the halls.

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