Pink Tutu

Previous parts to this story:

Part 1: You Knew?! 

Part 2: No I Won't

Part 3: What a Jerk

Part 4: Stiff

I’m at the park sitting on a bench next to the playground watching Kisa, my little sister, having fun with the other kids. After punching the daylights out of Patrick Steelston, our history teacher, Mr. Berk, dragged me to the principal’s office – where I was soundly reprimanded and suspended for a week. Not that I actually payed attention to any of the words coming from Ms. Talbot’s or Mr. Berk’s mouths. I was far too busy worrying about Lina. When my rage had finally subsided and I’d stopped pummeling Patrick – as he deserved – she had vanished. Id managed to text Jen during my lecture. She said she was already on it and would text me back when she found Lina. Ten agonizing minutes later Jen texted found her. But that was it. It’s been two days and nothing but radio silence.

Kisa runs up to me crying and I realize I’ve been so lost in thought that I’ve been slacking on my babysitting duties.

“Kisa, what wrong?” I ask scooping her up into my lap. She rubs the tears from her eyes, but to no avail as they just keep coming.

“Jared,” she hiccups, “he…”

“What did he do?” I growl. If he hurt her he’ll regret it.

“He said he hate me!” she balls.

For a second I’m stunned. Who could hate Kisa. Yeah she’s annoying as hell sometimes and bossy most of the time, but she’s also the cutest kid alive.

“Want me to beat him up?” I playfully ask, punching the air for affect. Her eyes go wide and her tears stop momentarily.

“Noooo!” she wails as the flood gates open once again. Oops. That was clearly the wrong thing to say. She must really like this Jared.

“Um…” a small voice catches my attention and I turn to see a boy Kisa’s age standing before us. “Kisa?” he says cautiously.

She buries her face in my shoulder with a muffled, “go away.” This must be Jared. I scowl at him and he flinches before straightening his little shoulders and meeting my gaze head on. He’s got guts. I like it. I not slightly to him in approval and he relaxes slightly before looking to Kisa again.

“Kisa, I’m sorry. I don’t really hate you, I was just mad at you for being so bossy.”

Kisa stirs in my lap and peeks out at Jared. “Really? You don’t hate me?”

“Really,” he grins widely – he’s got a missing front tooth just like Kisa.

Then she’s launching herself off my lap and into Jared, her pink tutu fluttering and bouncing.

“Yay!” She takes off, hand in hand with Jared. I lean back into my bench and sigh contentedly. Now, if only my relationship with Lina were that simple.