So as of last month, I'm attempting to write every day with the help of the daily prompt list above. I'm hoping that this will spark new ideas and expand old ones. As they say, practice makes perfect and I definitely want to grow as a writer. So here I go! Wish me luck, and let me know your thoughts of each piece :) 


Mariah Renae


It’s always just been me, myself, and I. I’ve been alone for a long time and that has been purposeful. After all, who better to trust and rely on then the one person you know won’t betray or hurt you. And so there was one.

Until I met you, and then there was two.

I feel very poetic as I write these words. Maybe life really is one long beautiful poem. Oh god, I think your influence is muddling my sensibility.

I can’t help but wonder sometimes why you chose me. I’m irritable, spiny, and my morbid dry humor isn’t easy to tolerate. And yet here you are – here we are. You playing Fast Car by Tracy Chapman on your guitar, me writing poetic words I never thought I would flow from my pen. Binary stars finally finding our center, crossing paths and yet still chasing our individual dreams, following our respective paths. I have a feeling that, just like binary stars, we are stuck with each other. No matter where we go or how far we are apart, I have a feeling we will always find our way back to one another. My moonlight to your sunshine.

Are these just hopeful thoughts? Man, your optimism really is rubbing off on me.