No Pen

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Part 2: No I Won't

Part 3: What a Jerk

Part 4: Stiff

Part 5: Pink Tutu

Part 6: Frozen & Blanket

“Hey, Jen. Lend me a pen.”

“What?” she scrunches up her face at me.

“Lend me a pen, I forgot mine,” I crouch down next to her desk.

“No you didn’t. I saw you using one ten minutes ago,” she scowls.

“Just do it,” I growl softly. “And keep your voice down. It’s the only excuse I could think of to come over here. You know how Mr. Corvinsky is about talking during independent study time.”

Jen rolls her eyes and hands me her spare pen. Its pink and sparkly. Very Jen.

“What do you really want, Will?”

I give her a meaningful look and watch as she realizes why I’m risking detention to talk to her. Sympathy fills her blue eyes.

“She hasn’t texted you yet. Sorry hun, I told her to let you know she’s fine. Which she is by the way.”

I sigh in relief and then tense up again as a thought hits me. “Why is she avoiding me?”

“Who knows,” Jen shrugs, her poker face sliding into place. I pin her with a stare and she stares right back unflinchingly. Apparently only Lina has the ‘cow Jen with one look’ gift.

“Mr. Keating, why exactly are you out of your seat,” Mr. Corvinsky inquires, making my jump a little.

“Just borrowing a pen. Mine died,” I respond waving Jen’s pink pen. He grunts, unimpressed.

“Well, now that you have a pen, why don’t you return to your seat and leave Miss Day to her work,” he gestures to my chair as if I don’t know where its located. I fight not to roll my eyes at his condescension, if he caught me I’d definitely get detention. Once back in my seat my phone buzzes in my pocket. Making sure Mr. Corvinsky has returned to his book I cautiously check the screen. Its Jen.

Just go see her.

i can’t


If you want to see her just do it.

I glance back at her to see her giving me a pointed stare. I roll my eyes at her. But she’s got a point. Why haven’t I just gone to see her? For one, I’m afraid she’ll reject me. For another… no, that’s pretty much it. My phone vibrates with another incoming text.

Suck it up buttercup. Whats the worst that could happen?

I tuck my phone back in my pocket and toy with Jen’s obnoxiously pink pen, debating whether or not to visit Lina.