Little Birds

Two little birds flit from branch to branch, chirping playfully to one another. They chase each other around the treetop, free as can be. I wish I could be a little bird just like them. They look so happy, having so much fun with each other. Oh, here comes another. And another! Look at them go! Open air and wild spirits beneath their wings, carrying them to distant places to see wondrous things. Their song fills me and I close my eyes to fly with them. I soar on the sound, light as air, free as can be.


My flight comes to an abrupt end with that one word. My name. I wish it wouldn’t have ended.

“Aiko, are you ok?”

I want to go back to the sky way up high. But for now I’m down here, unlikely to disappear.

“Yeah I’m ok.”

“What are doing?”

“Just listening to the birds,” and sprouting wings of freedom to ride songs long past heard.