Raw Wood

Raw wood, as opposed to… cooked wood?

Clearly I’m a little stumped by this week’s prompt. And my neighbor is playing Banana Pancakes on his guitar and its distracting me. So, while the prompt is raw wood, today you get to hear about Mr. Guitar from down the hall. He’s tall and handsome, with wavy dark brown hair and a shy smile that is adorable in a crooked kind of way. I believe his name is Aidan… well it starts with an A anyway… or does it? He told me I swear, I just didn’t hear him very clearly over the pounding of my heart. I finally got up the courage to say hi and tell him that I enjoy his music. My heart was beating so hard I thought it might jump out of my chest, or keel over and die. Or maybe both. Clearly I like this guy. And I don’t even know him… But hey I’m young, so what the heck.

He’s an economics major, believe it or not. I know! Right?! I thought he was a music major too – seeing as he practices at least once a day, every day. Oh and he sings too! Sigh, dreamy. Oh god… I’m turning into one of the girls that fans over the guitarist… Never did I see that coming. But how could I not, he plays some of my favorite songs after all.

I asked him why he’s studying economics instead of music and he said “one pays better than the other,” with a – dare I say embarrassed – chuckle. He probably gets that question a lot but, I had to ask. Plus, he thinks he’s not very good. I say he is good (then again I’m a swooning college fan girl, so who’s to say I actually know anything). Besides, good musicians work hard to get that way, not many of them are born with talent – though some are. But most gain talent, through toooons of practice.

By the way, he’s still playing. Ahh. Honestly, I think live music is good for the soul. All music is good for the soul, but live is different. The passion and expression comes through more clearly when hearing music live than when you listen to a studio recording. And his music is like a soothing balm for my stressed college girl soul. Sometimes, when I tell people I’ve got a guy who plays guitar living on the same floor as me, the say “ah that sucks.” And I understand that some would find his playing annoying… but I just can’t. After all, having his music slip under my door and through my open window always brings a smile to my face. Listening to him always makes my day better. So I guess it’s a good thing he plays every day!

I’m glad I finally pulled up my big girl panties and talked to him. We may never talk again, but at least now I can’t regret never talking to him. And hopefully we do get the chance to chat more. Cross my fingers.

I’ll leave you all with a song he plays often. Enjoy, and good night.