In Sight

Finally, everything was in sight. I’d enacted my great plan towards victory and now everything was coming to fruition. There was no way my enemy could out maneuver me now!

“Muahaha!” my evil laugh rang out in triumph. “Nowhere to go and nowhere hide!”

“That may be, but that doesn’t mean I’m defeated just yet,” my nemesis said with a sly smirk. What did she mean? I studied the battle field carefully but could see nothing. She was bluffing. The win was so clearly mine!

She delicately picked up her last checker, and then I saw it. NOOOOOOOO! The world went into slow motion as she triple jumped my kings into oblivion, each thud of her piece oh so satisfying… not.

“I win!” She squealed, jumping up and down. Then with one hand on her hip she stretched her other one out for her prize. I glared at her in disbelief and humiliation. How could I have missed that? Ugg. With reluctance I handed her the pack of giant peanut butter cups.

“Ill get you next time,” I pointed at her menacingly.

“Keep dreaming,” She giggled running off.

A grown man, losing to a little girl. Then again, that wasn't new. And so, another game of checkers over and done.