Some people call me master. Truth is, I’m still a student. I’m no guru, no leader, no expert. Except of course on the subject of I. Most of my life has been a journey filled with discoveries about I. And the only thing that truly makes me special is that I have payed attention to the lessons I have been taught about I.

I am a lover.

I am a dreamer.

I am powerful.

I am me.

Despite knowing this and so much more about I, I still feel ignorant at times to who I am. Often I wish I was a child once again. Children know who they are in their hearts, in their souls. Its only as they grow older that they begin to question the degree of their knowledge; sometimes even forgetting who they are, swept up in the vastness we call life. It is then they begin a journey to rediscover their true selves, their inner beings. I believe that most of us spend the rest of our time on this earth becoming reacquainted with the endlessness that is our make up, that is I.

Some choose to believe that we are limited to these bodies we find ourselves occupying. I believe we are as great and infinite as all the universes. Yet, even with this understanding, I sometimes find myself swept up in a raging river, twisting and spiraling, swimming hard against the current – when, if I just let the current take me, I know the ride would be much more pleasant. I forget that my greatest power is my thought. It is the strongest weapon in my arsenal. And once I decide to change my story – to write a new ending, a new beginning – that is when I have the power to change the world. Determination is the only fuel I need to burn bright with might.

I forget this almost every day. And every day I remember and begin again, rewriting my story with the ending I choose. So, although I am master to some, I am also a pupil – eternally learning alongside all of you.