“Tell us another one Storyteller!”

“I don’t know little ones. Its getting quite late.”

“Please!” the children pleaded.

“Oh alright, one more.”

“The prophecy of light!” a little one shouted.

“Yeah!” others chimed in clapping and squealing in glee. This was clearly a favorite.

“Long ago, when the six lands were still in harmony and those with magic still lived, the seers from each land came together. This was rarely done, as they each ascribed to different gods and rarely saw anything beyond their own lands. This was no ordinary time, however. For all of the seers had been bestowed with the sight of the same future. A future of desolation. War, famine, plague, hatred and fear. All this and more would run rampant in the lands. And the harmony so long kept would crumble to dust.

“Our seer, Lady Neviah, fortold the split of our tribes. As you know all the desert tribes were one people, but just as Lady Neviah foresaw, greed and loathing split us apart.

Each seer had a different tale to tell, of how each of their lands would fall. And yet each vison had a common ending. The prophecy of light.

“One day, two beings of light, one of the moon and one of the sun, would rise from the dust of destruction to reunite the lands. Born of two different people, two different lands, they would come to remind that we are all connected and we are one true people. They would fight those who sought to rip the lands further apart, feeding the destruction and holding their people in chains. And when they finally succeeded in mending the rifts, peace would once again reign under their protection.”

Soft snores and light breathing filled the air as the storyteller ended her grand tale. She smiled at the little one all curled up. Looking to the sky she whispered, “I only hope may witness the healing of our dying land.”

Authors Note

So I had quite a hard time with this prompt, which is why it's a day late. I became stuck and couldn't figure out what to do with it. And I'm still not quite satisfied with it yet. I really wanted to construct a prophecy, but this one doesn't seem specific or flushed out enough just yet. I have a specific story to go along with this prophecy, but who knows, that story may not need a prophecy in the end. Well just have to see.

I may try to write this again from scratch but for now, here's draft number one. Let me know your thoughts. Id love to hear suggestions and feedback. Thanks!!