Shadows loom, creep, engulf. Most humans are scared of shadows. They see them and wonder if there is danger lurking, slaking them from under the cover of darkness. But what if I told you that the shadows are a haven. My haven. That’s not to say the shadows can’t be dangerous. They can. But it’s not the shadows fault. They merely gather to protect those of us out there that need shelter. I am one of those individuals. The shadows will always be my friend. Because if they didn’t shield me from you, you would certainly hunt and destroy me. I mean you no harm until harm has been done to me, but humans never understand that. You prefer to attack before you yourselves have the chance to be attacked. You’re so afraid that everything is out to get you. This makes you the most dangerous of creatures. For me, you were the boogie man – the nightmare told to littlings to frighten them. If you don’t behave, the light will shine upon you and the humans will see. Then they’ll take you, slice you up, and steal your soul. Although this may just be a fable, a tall tale, a myth, everyone knows all myths are rooted in truth. So, while you fear the shadows. I thank them every day. For they are my cover, my protection, my safety in a world full of worse creatures.