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Happiness is Whatever I Choose It to Be

As the fall semester of my sophomore year comes to a close, thoughts of my first year as a college student keep wandering into my mind. In high school, I wasn't really into creative writing. I was used to writing research papers. And I thought myself horrible at writing! Then, I entered college and my English professor, Mr. D., encouraged us to be creative... WHAT?! 


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In Love with Hot Cross Buns

You follow the sound of the piano down the hall to the sun room. It’s so beautiful, enormous and filling you to the brim with emotion that you can’t quite define. He sits there on the black bench, eyes closed, long delicate fingers dancing on the keys as if with a mind of their own. You’ve never seen something, heard something, felt something so beautiful. Sitting there in his t-shirt and jeans, playing the piano like an old friend. 


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Dear Spain

The guest speaker stands at the front of the room, words of encouragement spilling from her mouth. Boredom and excitement wash through the students. I’m in a chair, Raina is on the table in front of me. The speaker’s words bob and weave through quiet chatter. Study Abroad. Summer. Spain. Japan. Africa. 


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