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Some people call me master. Truth is, I’m still a student. I’m no guru, no leader, no expert. Except of course on the subject of I. Most of my life has been a journey filled with discoveries about I. And the only thing that truly makes me special is that I have payed attention to the lessons I have been taught about I.

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Happiness is Whatever I Choose It to Be

As the fall semester of my sophomore year comes to a close, thoughts of my first year as a college student keep wandering into my mind. In high school, I wasn't really into creative writing. I was used to writing research papers. And I thought myself horrible at writing! Then, I entered college and my English professor, Mr. D., encouraged us to be creative... WHAT?! 


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Dear Spain

The guest speaker stands at the front of the room, words of encouragement spilling from her mouth. Boredom and excitement wash through the students. I’m in a chair, Raina is on the table in front of me. The speaker’s words bob and weave through quiet chatter. Study Abroad. Summer. Spain. Japan. Africa. 


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