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Mistakes That Come After

When I was a sophomore in high school I finally acquired my first boyfriend. I had just transferred schools and he was cute, tall, and sweet. We ran in the same circle and I enjoyed spending time with him and his – our – friends. And they all supported us, even some of our teachers. It was fun and sweet, hugs, hand-holding, and chaste kisses (that honestly weren’t very good). However, after a month the spark we had initially faded. At least it did for me. I’ve never really been able to pinpoint why or how, but it did. So I broke up with him. In some ways, this was the best decision I could have made. In others… well, who knows how I could have done better, certainly not me.

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Pink Tutu

I’m at the park sitting on a bench next to the playground watching Kisa, my little sister, having fun with the other kids. After punching the daylights out of Patrick Steelston, our history teacher, Mr. Berk, dragged me to the principal’s office – where I was soundly reprimanded and suspended for a week.

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What a Jerk

I’ve been pacing in front of Lina’s locker since I arrived at school, waiting for her to finally get here. What’s taking her so long?! She didn’t text me all weekend and I’m worried about her. I lean against her locker and sigh as I start at the mingling crowd of high schoolers. A couple of girls walk by giggling and I roll my eyes. Girls.

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