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The Green House

It’s a green house in balmy Florida. The paint is old and chipping and the color makes it fade into its surroundings. Odd for a building that stands to strikingly in my memory. The floors are real wood and in some places nails protrude from the floor boards, waiting hungrily to impale the next unlucky foot to pass by. I knew where all those hungry nails were and how to avoid their reach.

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This is For Me (Not for You)

Yesterday, someone told me forgiveness is more for the forgiver than the forgiven. And that very evening I saw you again for the first time in six months. For a moment, when I first recognized you, I had the inexplicable urge to turn and run. My legs stumbled and my muscles tensed, ready to take off, with or without my full consent. And then my logic kicked in.


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In Love with Hot Cross Buns

You follow the sound of the piano down the hall to the sun room. It’s so beautiful, enormous and filling you to the brim with emotion that you can’t quite define. He sits there on the black bench, eyes closed, long delicate fingers dancing on the keys as if with a mind of their own. You’ve never seen something, heard something, felt something so beautiful. Sitting there in his t-shirt and jeans, playing the piano like an old friend. 


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